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Meguiar's speed detailer?


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Probably a really easy question but.... was in Halfords looking round whilst they were making up a set of number plates for me, and came across Meguiar's speed detailing, now I remember reading that some people on here use it, and had good reviews.

So I bought some got it home and the instructions for use are in every language, but English.

Can anyone help?

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Instructions should be on the first page labeled 'EN'.

Still here goes......

1, Shake well & do not use in direct sunlight

2, Section by section spray the product onto the paint keeping sprayer about 60cm from the surface.

3, Quickly spread product with mf cloth.

4, Turn to a dry portion (i use another cloth) of the towel & wipe dry.

5, Do not let the product sel dry.

That is as on the bottle & no responsibility can be excepted, blah blah blah.

I have tried others but for the money & on Audi m/black IMO the product is very good indeed.

Hope that helps


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