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Just ordered a q7


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Hi all

Only seem to post when I change my motor (but follow the forums everyday), which is often by the way.

Anyway trading my 330D M Sport Touring for a Q7 as follows

3.0d S-Line in Phantom Black

Black Verano Leather Plus


Auto Dim mirrors

Heated front seats

Bluetooth High

Privacy Glass

Technology pack


Visibility Pack

Looking forward to collecting within 2 weeks as vehicle already manufactured.

Got a cracking deal, £8k discount and finance at.......1%

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Tone, the cost is £40,250 but dealer has included GAP cover in that at £500, which was sort of included automatically, some sort of fiddle for dealer to make lots of profit but on the other hand could be useful and got a good deal.

Dave, I have the tech pack so has parking system plus.

The car has the Bose setup, interested to know how you find that, looks good on paper with 13 speakers and 8 channel amp, even if I had factory ordered would never have gone for the B&O at £4,500!.

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Bose is great, and I have a mate who has the B&O in his R8 and he reckons he prefers the BOSE..

different car I know, but he feels cheated by the cost.. nowhere near value for money he reckons.

I've just read up on the Q7 and the B&O system is 1KW :eek: No wonder they want 4 Grand for it. It looks the same setup as the A8 gets.

I'd be VERY surprised if the 330W BOSE compares to be honest.

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nice buy..certainly a beast of a vehicle and best colour for it+++

just detailed one for a client prior to him collecting it which has full spec in same colour...just hope your paintwork isnt as dreadful as his was for a brand new vehicle with less than 20 miles on clock

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