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Jag XF-S Power hike


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Jaguar has facelifted the XF and introduced a new diesel-engined model – the Jaguar XF S – which enables the saloon to deliver 42mpg.

The Jaguar XF’s new engine is a development of the 2.7-litre AJ V6 that was jointly engineered with PSA and also powers the Land Rover Discovery.

Capacity has increased to 3.0 litres, and power is up by 33 per cent, from 207bhp to 272bhp. Torque increases to 420lb ft from 320lb ft, a 66 per cent hike. That makes the new unit more torquey than any of its rivals apart from the BMW 535d.

The new engine means that the Jaguar XF S, as the new diesel model will be called when it arrives in dealerships in March, can hit 60mph in 5.9sec, 1.8sec faster than the old 2.7-litre diesel. The car’s CO2 emissions fall from 199g/km to 179g/km.

Jaguar’s engineers have upgraded the engine’s forced induction system. Up to 2800rpm the larger of the two turbos does all the work, at which point the smaller unit kicks in. Jaguar claims that this system improves efficiency and reduces fuel consumption.

Along with the 272bhp engine, there will also be a 237bhp version with the same fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, although that model’s 0-60mph time is increased to 6.7sec.

The new diesel Jaguar XF S gets 20-inch wheels and a boot lid lip spoiler to help distinguish it from other XFs.

Jaguar is also adding a Portfolio model to the XF range, which will get a similar treatment to the XK and XF Portfolios; expect bespoke interior trim and colours, including lots of leather, and exterior tweaks such as polished aluminium wing vents.

Jaguar will also upgrade its petrol V8s in 2009, kicking off with a new 5.0-litre engine that’s due to be unveiled in the XFR super-saloon at next month’s Detroit motor show. Equipped with a supercharger, this engine produces 503bhp.


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