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A6 3.0TDI Tyre pressures


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First set of tyres only gave me 1300 miles (on all previous cars, not Audi, I have got over 50000 miles from the first set of tyres). Just had a new set fitted and the tyre depot said the Audi recommended pressures (44 front 38 rear) were far too high and would produce all the bad symptoms I mentioned. They also showed me that the old tyres were more worn in the middle than at the edges which they said was a clear sign of over inflation. The tyre depot recommended 38 front and 34 rear and the car is now noticeably more comfortable and less noisy. I also checked two different web sites to ask for the best tyre pressures on my car and both recommended 38 front and 34 rear. Looks like Audi may have it wrong for this car but only time will tell if they last any longer in use.

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This is the first time I have ever looked out for the SE version when buying a car, the S-Line is really choppy and doesn't really add much to the over handling either.

Also it stops the car feeling like a luxury brand, it just feels twicthy and crashy and in turn a little bit hollow and it isn't, it is a really well put together motor.

It might be worth considering new dampers and springs, alot of guys have and said it is far better.

I really like my A6, and would consider another one, but probably an allroad next time to get the air suspension.

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