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LCD TV again...1080p v 720p.


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Yet another LCD TV question, sorry, I know its been done to death, but thinking I may get a more honest answer if I ask here as opposed to in the shop….

Ok, deal is I currently have a 32” Samsung HD LCD which is 3 years old and I’ve been very pleased with it. Thing is I’d like to go a little larger, up to 37” but no bigger as it will look too large in the room I reckon.

I will be using it for Sky HD, normal sky viewing and just a standard DVD player. No chance of a PS3 as I have a 3yr old boy and another little boy due in the next 3 weeks so no time to play any fancy games consoles for the next 5 years at least!!

The viewing distance is 9ft and 15ft from both sofas we have in the lounge, so my question is do I go for a 720p or the 1080p

From what I gather, at a viewing distance of 4ft or more, on 37” screen I will not notice any visible difference in resolution, thus, why bother with the 1080p?

I’m also concerned if I go 1080p that the picture will look worse on SD than if I went for 780p

The 2 sets I have in mind are :

Currys - Shop for Flat Panel TV - Samsung LE37A456C 37" LCD TV


Currys - Shop for Flat Panel TV - Samsung LE37A556P 37" LCD TV

the 1080p has a contrast ratio of 15000:1 as opposed to the 720p which has 10000:1, but due to the fact my 3 year old Samsung is 3000:1 anyway, either of the above should be an improvement, and I’ve been well pleased with that.

So question is, I think I’m better off going for the £499 model due to the fact it won’t really see any HD source other than Sky HD, and even then the channels are still a little scarce.

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i am no expert, but i do have a samsung 40inch 1080p screen.

great screen - very little differnce in size to a 37 inch really, so if you can stretch, go for the bigger screen.

I went for 1080p mainly for ps3, but to be honest, in the showrooms, i cannot tell the difference between a 720 or 1080 side by side.

normal freeview viewing is great, even though not HD, so i am sure 720 would be just fine, unless you are sat on the screen.

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Think I'm gonna stick with the 37" and 720p.

My reasoning is that I dont want to make the same mistake as last time (paid over £1100 for the 32" Sammy 3 years ago) by going for the best spec, only to find that 3 years later it still performs the same as a new one in terms of HD input from Sky.

By that, I mean I will only be watching Sky HD, and that aint changing to 1080p broadcast for a long while. I'll not be buying a PS3 or Blu Ray player for the forseeable future, and in 3 years time I can quite happily change the set again if I only pay £500.


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Matt, you buy from the store or getting it delivered?

Reason I ask is that Dixons (another DSG company) has the same set for 10 quid cheaper:

Samsung LE37A456C 37" LCD TV - Cheap Samsung LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, HD Ready TVs

Plus Dixons (and Currys come to that) have a 2.5% discount code 'SALE25' (valid until 06-01-09) which gives gives 2.5% off, Plus 'DELTV' gives free delivery. ALSO, if you use cashback sites such as Top CashBack you can get another 3% off at Dixons or 4% at Currys.

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I have the 32" 4 series, and was thinking the same thing. The 4 series is 720p, 1080i.

So my interpretation is, as long as you put 1080 in. You get 1080 out.

Only difference is, if you put in a SD source, it will only upscale upto 720 not upto 1080 like the 5 series set.

Correct me if im wrong? So if your only high def source is the Sky HD, and ur happy with the set you have at the moment. The 4 series would be a good bet?

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Correct me if im wrong? So if your only high def source is the Sky HD, and ur happy with the set you have at the moment. The 4 series would be a good bet?

Bang on, thats why I was convinced the 37" LE37A456 would be ideal.

The 40" is the same price but i think it will just look too big.

However, having now been to Currys, I actually spoke to a guy who really knew his stuff and he also agreed with the fact I could settle for 720 with what i'm using it for, and in most cases it will be a better picture than 1080 ready sets.

His recomendation was the Samsung above or if I could go the extra, a Panasonic TH37PX80 37" plasma, due to the fact the picture will out perform the Samsung. The price is another £100 though and comes out at £599.

Ironically, if I wanted to go large in the Panny, a 42" variant of the above is available for just £529. Its a TH42PX80B

Now a little confused.........

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Buy a 656, 756 or 856.

You can get the 656 for under £600 now and the black levels and processing are on another level.

I paid £699 for the 40 756 with a free bluray player, it was pretty good but the blacks are still no where near plasma level so I took it back and ordered a PX80 Panny plasma, currently £499.

It seriously wipes the floor with the 756 in every area, but it is a 42", the 37" seems to be around £50-100 more.

I have a 37" R87 Samsung still, which was the bedroom set, this is what the 4 series replaced. You can have that for £350! ;)

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Thank you very much for the kind offer. i'm pretty sold on the 37" Panny, even if it is more wedge, but my next problem lies with my TV bracket which is currently holding my 32" LCD.

Its one of these 23-37 Inch Flat Panel Wall Mount > Maplin

which is fine for the Sammys mount (VESA or similar?) as it needs 200mm x 200mm, however, when I looked on the back of the Panny in the shop, it appears to have holes for a bracket which are 660mm x 330mm.

That is physically larger than the bracket I currently have. There is just no way I can reposition cables if I have to fit a larger bracket as they are all plastered in the wall........argghhhhh!

I feel I may have to forced into the Samsung if it has the 200mm x 200mm fixing style.

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Hmm, should be the same mounting bolts, VESA is VESA, I just use two bolts to hold mine in.

How far apart are the top two bolts on your bracket?? I will measure the PX80 hole positions.

Currently set at 200mm x 200mm for the Samsung.

they could be set at anything upto 500mm horizontally with the bracket i have, and then up to 280mm from top to bottom if needs be

be handy if you could measure them please. :)

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The 42" is 660mm wide.

Not sure if the 37" is the same though?

Could you not buy this bracket....

30 to 63-Inch Adjustable Flat Panel Wall Mount > Maplin

Then just swap over the newer bit that attaches to the screen??

I would not pay £500+ for the 4 series, just my humble opinion. If you really must go for another LCD get a 6 series or higher.

The offer of my screen was genuine by the way.

£325 delivered.

As new, in the box and around 12 months old.

It is this one...

Samsung R86/87/88 Owners Thread, Optimal Settings & Discussion - AVForums.com

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I cant buy that bracket as where my current bracket finishes, to the right of it, but hidden from view is where the cables appear, thru a brushed outlet.

Thus I need more space to the right of the current bracket, to fit a larger bracket, and haven't got room due to the cables.

A right royal pain in the butt.

What model is the 37" samsung? An 86, 87 or 88?


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