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Possible DSG problem...?


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Had an ABS control unit replaced on my Skoda, cant be that much different than on a Golf, was less than £500 fitted and coded by main dealer, I can't think of a single component we've had to replace on any of the cabs that costs much more than that?

That's good to know for the future as I was told by my dealer it was a common failure and that was the cost.

I'll bow down to your experience +++

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It is a massive gamble when I could get a clutch done for a few hundred quid, or a DSG gearbox for 3.5k.

And if DSG gearbox failiures are 'as common' as manual clutch failures then I'd be hugely worried if I owned a DSG car out of warranty, as almost every manual car will require at least one clutch change in it's life.

....I didn't say that DSG failures were as common as Manual failures. I said they weren't more common - Hence making the point that the risk wasn't any greater. A clutch pack for DSG won't cost you £3.5k and neither will a Mechatronics Module.

But if you want to stay away from DSG because you think it's too expensive if you have a problem, then fair enough. However, if you followed the same logic you would never ever buy a Porsche or similarly wonderful car.

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I dare say your right, I think RR inadvertently made the problems sound worse/more prevalent than he intended.

But, personally, I'd rather have the bill for a manual gearbox than a DSG, thats what I'm saying, and I do believe it'll make DSG cars unpopular on the second hand market.

Say for example, you buy a 10 year old GTi DSG, for say, £2k (looking at the average price of currently 10 year old GTi's), and the gearbox pops, the bill for a new box is going to make the car totally uneconomical to repair, there aren't that many components in the car that can ever cost that much, you could get a re-con manual for £500 fitted, even a replacement engine would only set you back a grand.

At some point, they'll become white elephants that no-one will touch.

....I see your point but not everybody will decide that a car is uneconomical to repair just because of its market value. I grant you that most will though.

Also, as DSG becomes both older and more common, components will become cheaper and expertise will grow.


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Ouch! Bet you wished you'd purchased some extended warranty now.

Fortunely for me i had extended warranty on my .:R weeks before its DSG died. So the repair bill of £3500 (for a new DSG gearbox) was paid by the dealer - as they sold the extended warranty to me.

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VW initially offered a 50% contribution.

Following a lot of battling with VW Customer Service the offer was eventually increased to 75%.

The parts have been ordered and I am waiting for a call from the local dealer to book the car in for a full gearbox replacement.

Think I will be keeping the GTI for longer than originally planned now.

On the plus side, I've recently reached the 40k mile mark, but am getting a new DSG box instead of just an oil change...

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Picked up my car complete with a brand new gearbox on Friday night.

Three days down and it seems perfect once again.

Although my fuel consumption has been poor... possibly something to do with my heavy right foot as I enjoy the thwump/exhaust pop of up changes when pulling away from every single set of lights or junction!


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