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Same old same old - buying opinions £7k..


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Yeah - i know same old init...?

I wanted a nice daily for about £7k looked around and found the 3 series wow a e46 coupe for the 7k mark - nice

i was looking at the 318's then started to read the "net" oh no, this and that rear sussie and x miles ect.. can i push my budget... yes - no - yes -NO..

heres the deal i got 7k (i real paper and all!) to spend so i'd like the leather and i defo want the coupe, i know the sally is regarded with respect but i like the coupe... then i started to read the model changes so i go from a 02 to thinking about a 05 reg.. no good at 7k im on for a 02 / 03 - which is where a started.

my question (at last) is.. is the rear sussy on the 02/03 really as dodgy as i'm reading - is it posiable to pick up up a good honest 75k or less clock leather met grey e46 coupe for less then £7k or am i to rethink my s*it??

thkns for reading and much thanks for any replies :)

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