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MP3 / Ipod / Bluetooth Connectivity

David F

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Hi all,

Please bear with me on this one as I am not too technically minded....

I have a 3 series 325D M Sport Touring, 2007 plate. It has bluetooth for my phone and this can be operated via the steering wheel etc.

In the arm-rest cubby there is an AUX socket and power socket (no USB).

I am about to buy an MP3 or possibly Ipod.

My question/s :

1. If I use a simple 3.5mm plug to plug cable from the AUX socket to the MP3/Ipod will the player then operate on the car speakers?

2. If yes, will it be operable via the steering wheel like the radio/CD player?

3. Will track info etc be visible on the radio?

4. If the player does work, what happens when I get or make a phonecall - will the player mute in the same way that the radio/CD does?

5. Might I be better off buying a new phone with a decent MP3 (walkman) built in?

6. If I bought an MP3 with bluetooth could this be connected wirelessly like the phone and operate via the steering wheel?

I realise this covers a lot of issues but I'd rather know now before making the purchase and getting it wrong!

Any help gratefully received.



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Will rather depend on what version of the various bits of kit you mention is being used....but as a starter, in the standard set up you can use a simple plug connection in the armrest cubby and the player will play through the speakers (after selecting aux on head unit). You will be able to control volume using the sterring wheel buttons but thats it....track info/changing etc will need to be controlled on the player itself.

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Thanks for that. I gather there is no easy way of getting control of the Mp3/ipod at the steering wheel? Is there a box of tricks that can be bought and plugged into the AUX socket rather than having to have an auto-electrician fiddle at the back of the radio??



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