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320d - what an impressive engine!


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Very impressed. Only drove it for a couple of miles this morning (and its an auto - ugh) but was taken aback at how lively and punchy a 2.0d can be.

Genuinely impressive motor.

I was less enamoured by the plastic steering wheel and "different" spec to the M3 but all in all, a perfectly nice way to get about for a day or two.

Not a fan of the manual shifting on the auto, however - reminds me of the SMART 'box actually. Nudge....nothing....hmmm....ahhh: gearchange.

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Its a 'd' I'm sure. There was no stop-starting. Its an 09...and its, err, grey.

That's all I noticed ;)

I suppose I'm used to the puff and poke from VAG 1.9/2.0 diesels so it was a refreshing surprise. Nice turbo whoosh too, which is always nice.

ETA £35k road tax? A mere Four Hundred Pounds less than mine then!

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Picked up another 320d today ( :coffee: ), this time a manual, drove the same journey I was ranting about last time and - err - this feels like it has a different engine like it has about 50bhp less. Its rubbish! I have no idea whether its still REALLY tight at 1400 miles but everything that had me raving about the last one is gone. Engine seems rougher - and so much more lacklustre. I wondered at one point if they might have done a n/a version.

It just says 320d and its a 59 plate but from what I can tell it doesn't have ED...

Amazing that two versions of the same engine can feel so different. No offence ot VAG but it felt like a 1.9tdi trying to lug a decent-sized saloon about.

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