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Cambridge Autogleam - 2010


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I'm bored of xmas now so thought I'd do a bit of a catch up detailing thread.

First up was this new 997 Carrera2. The owner (as more and more are now) decided that the money Porsche wanted for their 'lifeshine' treatment would be better spent on having a detailer (me in this case) properly and carefully prepare the paint before protecting it with 2 layers of Blackfire's Paint Sealant. The wheels and glass were also treated with the relevant sealants and the interior leather was cleaned and conditioned.

th_StevesPorsche997-01.jpg th_StevesPorsche997-03.jpg th_StevesPorsche997-04.jpg th_StevesPorsche997-05.jpg th_StevesPorsche997-06.jpg


These next 4 cars were all for the same customer down in Surrey and were done just after the cold snap started. Thankfully there was a nice warm garage to work in :)

First up is a Gloss Enhancement on the RS6.





This was again finished with 2 layers of Blackfire's Paint Sealant with the glass, wheels also protected and all the interior leather re conditioned.

th_RostAudiRS6-06.jpg th_RostAudiRS6-07.jpg th_RostAudiRS6-08.jpg th_RostAudiRS6-09.jpg


Next up was a full correction on the Bentley GT Continental Speed. Paint was corrected with a medium menzerna compound and refined with a finishing polish and a finishing pad. The paint was then protected with 1 layer of the Blackfire Paint Sealant and then 1 layer of our Vintage wax for that extra bit of deep shine.

th_RostBentleyContinentalGTSpeed-02.jpg th_RostBentleyContinentalGTSpeed-03.jpg th_RostBentleyContinentalGTSpeed-04.jpg th_RostBentleyContinentalGTSpeed-05.jpg

th_RostBentleyContinentalGTSpeed-06.jpg th_RostBentleyContinentalGTSpeed-07.jpg th_RostBentleyContinentalGTSpeed-08.jpg th_RostBentleyContinentalGTSpeed-09.jpg


Next up was a new Discovery which needed a couple of spot areas polishing but was then just given a Protection Detail with 2 layers of the Blackfire Paint Sealant. Car was a lovely bronze colour, similar to BMW Sepang Bronze. This photo shows it off best.


th_RostLandRoverDiscovery-02.jpg th_RostLandRoverDiscovery-03.jpg th_RostLandRoverDiscovery-04.jpg th_RostLandRoverDiscovery-05.jpg th_RostLandRoverDiscovery-06.jpg


And lastly from this job a Porsche 997 GT3 3.8. The whole car including the Venture Shield front end received a Gloss Enhancement detail and then 1 layer of Blackfire Paint Sealant and 1 Layer of Vintage wax along with the relevant wheel and glass sealants.





6 days work spread over 2 weeks to complete these 4 cars.

Thanks for looking.


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Evening again.

Worked on this lovely M3 this past week. Many thanks to the customer for sweeping a large area clear of the fresh snow so I could wash it and for supplying a constant stream of hot tea through the day :) . I liked this new BMW colour so much that I've gone and forgotten the flipping colour! I think it was mineral white. Anyway it was really nice and for me much nicer than just flat non metallic white.

The boot and most of the back end and a few patches down the doors and on the bonnet needed correcting first.

Before on the boot lid




The rest of the afternoon was spent cleansing and then applying 2 layers of Blackfire Paint Sealant aswell as treating the glass and wheels.

Finished pictures.










It then took me 5 attempts to get up the 1 mile, slightly uphill, snow covered frozen drive before I could head home :duh: :rolleyes:

Thanks for looking.


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