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Audi a3 170 tdi juddering from when cold


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Hi there, i have a 2007 a3 2.0 170 tdi sportline and recently when the engine is cold and i'm in traffic crawling along as i try to go abit faster the car starts to kagaroo, now i had a problem similar to this on a bmw and that ended up being a fuel presure regulator, but that was petrol and the audi is the first diesel i have ever owned, so dont really have a lot of knowledge about diesels yet, so if anyone has experienced this problem before or they know what the problem could be your advice would be most welcomed. thanks

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My 2007 A3 170 has developed the same issue as you describe. Only happens when cold, light throttle in traffic, kangaroos. I've owned since new, started doing it about 40k miles. Now on 55k has'nt got worse but is still annoying all the same. Had it in to the dealers twice, they could not find a fault and blamed it on the DPF regeneration. I know exactly what the car feels like when the regeneration is going on and sure this ain't the issue.

Hopefully somebody knows the cause and a solution.

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Would be worth getting someone with VAG-COM to see what fault codes the engine ECU has stored, if any.

Foot down, wait then respond sounds like classic turbo lag - has this engine got a variable vane turbo? I'm wondering if the variable vanes on that may be stuck?

Hi Dave,

Did you find out how to solve the below? My car only does this in first gear

think you posted comments in 2010

[h=2]Audi a3 170 tdi juddering from when cold only in first gear[/h]

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