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How reliable are Audi records?


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I'm looking at buying a second hand S8 at the moment that hasn't done stellar miles (2000 car - 120k) and in the flesh looks 'honest' and as described. The price is good, but I am not sure how worried I should be about service history.

The first 3 years and 60k miles of it's life are fine and dandy. Then nothing for five years and the next 30k miles, when according to the service book it went back to Audi for a cambelt (at just short of 90k). Trouble is neither Audi customer services (very helpful people when buying second hand 0844 4774025) or the garage behind the stamp have any record of it after the first 3 years. Now the garage in question has moved since the work was (supposedly) done in 2008. So whats more likely? a none official stamp in the book or Audi loosing the records?

If it wasn't the cambelt service I wouldn't worry too much as it has been serviced since, though not by Audi. Should I walk away?

Finally would all those dark coloured late model D2 S8 owners stop hogging them. It's about time you upgraded to a newer model so the rest of us can share the joy :grin:

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Audi records are USELESS!!

They managed to LOSE my D3 LWB for 3 months, the ENTIRE CAR, nevermind the paperwork! - which, coincidentally, they also lost! :ffs:

Probably not helping you much, but neither my friends or I will ever trust Audi UK again.

Find my other entries on here for more info if you're interested in the above.


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