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A4 B7 2.0 TDI 170 Wont start


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Hi, i've got a non-starting a4 2.0 170. Just wouldn't start. Garage has looked at it and the fault codes said ecu power supply relay.

This has just been changed, and still it wont start. I've just had VAGCOM on it and this is the errors i get:

005399 - Power Supply Relay for ECU (J271 or J363): Electrical Malfunction

P1517 - 007 - Short to Ground - Intermittent

008518 - Supply Voltage for Fuel Injector Group A: Open Circuit

P2146 - 009 - Open or Short to Ground - Intermittent

so it's still got the power supply relay issue even though i've changed it.

I cant find any more info from ross tech on those two fault codes.

any ideas?

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Yep VW are doing GOODWILL injectors on most new shape 3C Passats with the 2.0 litre piezo pump injectors 140 and 170 BHP derivatives. Same injectors for the Audi's boys and girls.

You will need the wiring loom in the head also due to transfer resistance but only do it once...... be prepared if one has gone down the others tend to follow after a period of time.

Special tools to replace loom and injectors then the set up of them and also they will need to be adapted to the engine ecu. DPF will need to be regenerated also to clear the soot all done via a VAGCOM.I do believe there is a software update for some too.

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yes i have to look at an 07 A4 SLine which i think has this issue on friday any ideas what the general costs for the parts are and you mention about the loom and resistance whats that all about not heard of that but as for diag i have vas and vag-com

Where did you blag you VAS tester from? the wiring loom is part of the repair on the VW's about 60 quid there abouts......injectors are on an exchange basis used to be 800 quid there abouts as you could not get exchange ones. BUT!!!!! they have considerably come down now possibly 400 quid ???? not too sure.You will have to replace the bolts etc also as they are all stretch type.

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