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if I was a bit bored and wanted to learn....


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a new programming language; what would be fun and commercial?

Know a tiny bit of Java

Feck all C / C++

Done some prolog ages ago; might be fun to do some AI programming!

Suggestions; needs to be PC based with open source compiler as all I will be buying is a book or 2; need to download the rest FOC...

Is it worth learning something like C# ?

Answers on a postcard..

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If you want to get into the Microsoft stack, you can download Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 C# Express or Visual Web Developer Express for free

Microsoft Visual Studio Express - Build cutting edge Windows applications

If you're into building web sites and the like you could also look at Expression Blend which can be downloaded from the same place...

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As you mentioned it being commercially orientated, and for something with genuine potential and not too difficult to see end results quickly with, I'd say get yourself into Cocoa.

If you have an iPhone it'll be even more fun for you. Alternatively, and picking up on a little Java knowledge, get the Android SDK.

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