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Starting issue with VW Golf Mk4 1.6s


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I have a starting issue, which is really beginning to annoy me.

Occasionally, my car won’t start first time. When I turn the key, the engine turns-over, but just doesn’t start up straight away.

I know it will eventually start, but I could be trying from anything up to 15 minutes. It also seems to happen more often when the weather is hot.

The car has been to VW a number of times now (around 9 times in all!), but they can’t seem to fix the problem. They said it was the dash-pod (dash panel insert), which they changed last June. This seemed to have solved the problem, up until now – last month the problem started back up again! Could the dash-pod have failed again? Could the dash-pod be causing this issue?

I had to call the RAC out the other day, who managed to start the car, by using an ‘easy start’ spray – which I occasionally use when the weather is extremely hot – this seems to help. Most times however, the car usually starts up after a few attempts.

VW have now suggested that I have the ECU unit changed (at a cost of around £800). Could the ECU be responsible?

Please help, and thanks in advance.

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