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Bit of a shock


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I've had my R32 for 4 years now and it has given me 67k miles of trouble free motoring. Apologies but this could be a long post.

At the beginning of Ma had my car MOTed, brake fluid change and Air Con Service. A week later I got a coolant low alarm. Checked the level and sure enough it was below minimum level. Topped itup with G12++ and distilled water and took it to my dealer and have it checked and also wondered if they had done something while doing the aircon service.. They looked at it and said it was OK. Watched the level carefully over the following 2 weeks and the level was definitely dropping slightly while taking into account temperature.

As my extended warranty was due to expire at the end of May I booked it in on the 31st and asked them to check again. They checked it again and now agreed there was a slight leak but would need the car a couple of days to investigate. Gave them he car on Monday and after a couple of hours phoned me to say they had identified the area of the leak from dry coolant and suspected a plit hose but would need to remove the inlet manifold to investigate and as the coolant hoses are not covered under warranty I would need to pay for it. So I agreed to allow them to continue.

At the end of the day I got a phone call to say the problem was not a hose but a pin hole on the engine block and it is something VW are aware of and have issued their dealers with a technical bulletin that it could effect the 3.2 V6. Manufacturing isue New engine required:eek:

At the moment VW are contributing 50% to the cost and the warranty company the other 50%. Dealer says VW don't offer short engine so may need to be complete engine but warranty company is questioning this at the moment.

I'm still in shock really and a little annoyed that VW is aware of these issues that are basically a timebomb ticking away.

Ironically I normally get rid after 3 years but really like the R32 and it's been 100% reliable.

I understand this is very rare so if you are a R32 owner don't have nightmares.

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A pin hole in the block? Blimey!

If it is acknowledged as a manufacturing issue then why are VW not picking up 100% of the bill? I know the manufacturer warranty has expired but the engine must be fit for purpose, ie, not fail after 4 years.

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I think there has been some debate going on between VW and Mondial. I have heard of issues with some heads going poous over time but this is the 1st time I've heard of a block developing a pinhole over time.

I'm just glad the extended warranty covered it or it could be me and VW in debate. I decided not to take out the warranty for this year as it was "named component" and there was a limit of £1k per claim which wouldn't have helped much here as the bill will be over £5k.

Sadly if the warranty didn't cover it I would have told the dealer to put it back together and traded it in at another garage ASAP

Recenly I've lost confidence in VW as my dad's Polo needed both front springs replaced as they both failed within 2 weeks of each other even although the car has only done 15k miles in 6 yrs. A bit of digging and I found out that it's a very common failure on Polos.

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Sorry to hear that, that's all you need after your rear diff. problem. Did they ever come back with a reason for no oil in the diff?

I know the water pump was a weak point on the 1.8T but you would have thought they would have fixed it by now.

That's what surprised me with my car, the 3.2 was not a new engine when it was put into the MKV, you would have thought all the issues would have been solved.

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