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2011 VW Phaeton - tech overload?


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... or can you ever have enough gadgets?

Reading through the press release for this car I came across a couple of interesting 'gadgets'. Firstly the Phaeton incorporate the ability to download Google Maps satellite imagery and points of interest data over a mobile phone. The new information can be overlaid on the built-in navigation maps to provide a vastly expanded and up-to-date database of information compared to the static data that can be stored on-board the car.

Secondly, a camera behind the windscreen can actually read traffic signs and display information like speed limits and no-overtaking zones on the touch-screen navigation display and the driver information display in the main instrument cluster. The camera can also scan the surroundings for other cars that could suffer glare from the bi-xenon headlamps and mask portions of the lights to cut that glare. :eek:

All this plus the standard all-wheel drive, air suspension and draft-free 4-zone automatic climate control, bi-xenon headlights with LED cornering lights, and 18-way seats.








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18 way seats? Feck! If that goes wrong during driving.........

I still like them and think they are good cars! I have one over a Merc S and BM 7. Especially second hand.......... +++

Check out Audi Used cars site - A8 and order by Price.

The new shape one is on sale at one of the dealerships and I'm sure I read it had 22-way seats!

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As already said. Massive depreciation.

I don't get why VW do the Phaeton - it must lose them a shed-load of money. And given the choice, would you take a Phaeton, or an S Class, 7 series or A8?

The Phaeton is a far better car than either the 7 series or A8.

Admittedly, I'd choose an S Class though.

In fact looking at used prices, the Phaeton's depreciation isn't alot worse than any of the others - they all get hit fairly badly.

Oh, I saw a new model A8 on the M60 this morning. It looked f*cking rubbish.

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