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Windows 7 Home Premium: disabling auto-restart after Windows Update


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I'm in the process of backing-up nearly 1TB of data and decided to leave my PC copying some files to a USB drive overnight. Imagine my anger when I came down this morning to find the PC had automatically restarted itself after performing a Windows Update and the whole process had aborted with barely 20% completed! :ffs:

I've been searching the internet and the usual response is to use gpedit.msc to make some changes to policy. However, they all fail to mention that W7 Home Premium does not have gpedit.msc! :mad:

I know it's a long shot, but has anybody else fallen foul of this and sorted it?

PS I know I can disable automatic updates, but I don't want to at this point. Although, I admit it may end up being the only solution.

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