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McLaren MP4 12C - UK prices revealed


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McLaren announced today that the MP4 12C sports car will make its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July and that it will go on sale next spring with prices between £125,000 and £175,000.

The company also announced that over 2,500 people expressed interest in buying the 12C and have already registered for the vehicle. This is a huge demand considering the company only has 1000 units planned for the first year: "The UK, along with the USA, will be McLaren’s biggest market, and initial interest in the UK for the 12C already exceeds the first year’s allocation. A full model range of high-performance, two-seat, mid-engine McLaren sports cars will be completed by the middle of the decade."

Of the 19 countries, and 35 retailers, launching McLaren Automotive, the UK, USA, and Germany will be the company’s biggest markets for the 1,000 12Cs planned for production in 2011. Between 300 and 400 cars are planned for North America, 400 to 500 for Europe (70 percent to UK and Germany), and 100 to 200 each for the Middle East/South Africa and Asia Pacific regions.

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