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2.5TDI smoke on startup


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Ive got an 03 plate 2.5 TDI quattro that smokes like the Flying Scostman on start up for 20 secs or so. Its up for a service soon, last done 20,000 ago and the oil is still half way up the dip stick so hasnt really burnt any at all.The coolant level doesnt drop either..theres plenty of power and the fuel consumption is 40+ on a run if tickled , so everything seems ok. Any ideas what this could be, perhaps a blocked breather valve?. It a bit disconcerting seeing the car surrounded in palls of grey smoke on startup..Got my missus to drive it back the other day from Cornwall , and I followed and it appeared not to smoke ( well only the usual bit of a puff on acceleration)

Just wondering why this would happen? either its gonna smoke all the time or not at all...its not as if its warmed up after 30 secs...

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