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[Audi A1] Takes your breath away


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No really it does......

Just received the A1 brochure today and in a moment of idle curiousity I did a quick but thoughtful A1 configuration..........

S-Line 1.4TSI 6 speed £16,860.00

Optional colour paint (not metallic anymore you note....) £500.00

Comfort pack £590

Rear acoustic parking £300

Heated folding door mirrrors £220

High Beam assist £120

Xenons £750

Advanced key (keyless entry to you and I) £295

Climate control £325

Heated front seats £250

5 year service plan £250

4 year warranty £230

A WHOPPING £20,690.00

Most of the above we have on our current Mini......................... I will now configure a new Mini and see what I get for the same money.......

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I agree pete, but you know what.. I can understand why they have done it..

It'll limit demand to some extent.. Audi won't be able to build this car quick enough. My local dealer has already sold all of this years allocation, so if i went in tomorrow to order a car i couldn't have it until 2011 :eek:

They are also building in quality (supposedly!), so it's not build to a price as such.

I suppose we will see when it arrives.

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I found the same was thinking about one for a complete change for me but the price just got sill for what is a small car.

Added to that the reviews on the handling that has come through so far have been less than average, that isn't going to challenge the Mini is it. :rolleyes:

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I'm somewhat ashamed to say I hadn't a clue what one of these looked like until a moment ago when I visited the Audi site to look.

I quite like the look of the front (though Google images showed what I presume were Photoshops with a much deeper grille that looked better) but the back looks rather bland. The exhaust looks somewhat pitiful but I guess that's not going to bit her your average A1 buyer. It does seem pricey if they are looking to hit the MINI market though.

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pricing today is bonkers, a few examples 2003-2010

top of the range mk4 r32 - £26.5k, today £39k

golf gti £23k, today £30k

mini cooper s works £22k, today £28k

360M £110k, today £190k

gallardo £110k, today £170k

the list goes on, but basically cars are alot of money. at the high end it seems on porsche have kept things closer, well for the uk market at least! the euro and rising costs are the factor here, leather for example has gone up a good 40%, 10% in the last year. of course all of this is before we take in to account 20% vat next year.

the days of saving are long gone for alot of people, or you just stop buying!

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I saw a small car behind me the other day which had vertical LED DRLs and when it overtook me I realised it was a DS3. Looked really smart IMO, in fact I would almost go as far as to say best looking small car I;ve seen.

I think Citroen are onto a winner in the same was as the AX GT and Saxo VTR/S were very popular. No doubt they will have good deals with free insurance, low finance rates and/or cashback

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Test in this weeks Autocar is A1 vs Mini, but its £18k for the A1 and £15k of the Mini with more kit, that is a big difference for this class and cost of car.

I think we are getting kicked buy the low value of the pound for many cars, fingers crossed if we pay back the debt and interest rates go up this will move back again. :o

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The pricing of most cars seems to have gone through the roof but more so some VAG products. As a Xmas tree Mini owner, i did think of the A1 as a replacement until I priced up an A1 to the equivalent spec of my Mini - it ended up being nearly £24K. Which is at least 3.5k above the equivalent Mini price. The other worrying thing about the A1 is that all the reports I have read on it so far seem to indicate it does not have the handling or driving enjoyment of the Mini. In summary I don't think I will be ordering one anytime soon/ever.

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