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If anyone knows about the 320D engine, you will know it has a design fault. The engines come with swirl flaps that can sometimes fall off the inlet manifold and the result is you will need a complete new engine. Google 'BMW swirl flap' for more info.

Anyway, with the scare of these buggers destroying my engine, like one broken 4.2 V8 wouldn't be enough to deal with. I booked it in with PMW which is run by some ex BMW guys after reading some good reports online, I decided to get it booked in for it to have the flaps taken out with a modified design.

I needed to write this as I was so impressed with the service. From the first call to enquire/book the car in, to me driving away the service was impeccable. First of all, when you get to the person on reception he knows what he is talking about straight away and put up with all my questions, then afterwards the technician even came out to talk to me about the job and I got to see the old parts. The whole process was explained to me in detail, and I can now finally drive the car without the fear of the engine blowing itself to pieces, so I am very pleased the car has been de swirled and it had a sort of breather or filter added which doesn't clog up like the old design which can cause turbo failure at no charge, how great is that!? PMW are highly recommended and defiantly worth the five hour round trip to know the job was done properly, I also had it serviced by BMW yesterday so it is driving very well!

If anyone is going to leave their car with PMW there is a really nice town centre about five minutes walk away with lots of shops/bookstores/restaurants/BK/Maccy Ds to keep you occupied.

So if you have a BMW. Give Essex`s Leading BMW and Mercedes Specialist | PMW Ltd a call, you won't be disappointed +++

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These guys gave us some cracking advice on an old 3 series we briefly had some years ago, very friendly and knowledgable, we didn't use 'em for any work in the end but I was very impressed with their setup. +++


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Sorry chap, your sig is pants, couldn't resist ;)

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