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Robbie Savage


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Just wondering, has anyone else been watching the football whilst listening to commentary on Radio 5 Live?

If so, you'll know that Robbie Savage is a co-commentator and has been on epic form so far. So much so that they even dedicated a 30 minute phone-in to pay homage to his comments late last week.

Anyway, did anyone hear what he said during the Brazil v Ivory Coast game last night?

You'll know exactly what I am talking about. I have never laughed so much.:roflmao:

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He lost a flip-flop during the match, from his commentary position.

It fell down a level and hit a bloke on the head.

He was laughing and crying at the same time.

Then his co-commentator pointed out that the bloke was Pele.

Savage wondered if he'd autograph the flip-flop and throw it back up to him.

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He wasn't on for the Italy game today, which I found rather disappointing.

However, he did come out with a corker between games yesterday when he said the French team should be shot - but not by French soliders, cos they might miss or run away. He is getting closer to the edge every day.

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The other night Stuart Hall offered Savage a challenge - that Savage should cut his hair if England win the World Cup.

He said something along the lines of... "There's more chance of me signing for a Champions League team on 400 grand a week, winning the next 5 European cups, signing a million pound modelling deal, having my own brand of shampoo and being selected for Wales by John Toshack than that."

"Than England winning the World Cup, or you cutting your hair?"


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Chris Waddle tried rivalling Robbie Savage today and did a decent job.

His anecdote about how he once sent his wife a wedding anniversary card and forgot who he was sending it to was rather funny.

He autographed it.

"Best wishes, Chris Waddle" :roflmao:

He then laughed when they announced Ronaldo as man of the match. After a dismal game he said "Why didn't they give it to the ref. He's the only man on the pitch who didn't look like he'd never seen a football before."

I must admit, it was as dour as it gets.

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