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2005 Audi A8 Q Aftermarket Amp / Speaker Questions


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I want to add sub's in an enclosure in the spacious A8 Trunk and power it via an after market (Phoenix Gold) amplifier. While I am at it, I may also decide to upgrade the Bose speakers to some high end mids/tweets also powered by an aftermarket amp. Powering these amplifiers is not my big concern.

What I am hoping to acomplish is to be able to leave the Stock stereo and MMIK functionality, and add more power and sound with the above. Is there a way to take the audio signal (Stereo, Nav, Phone, etc.) and pipe the signal to an aftermarket amplifier looking for low-level RCA input? Is there a greater challenge in upgrading the highs/mids vs. the sub's in the trunk?

Any tips, suggestions, links, or general knowledge would be appreciated.

btw. Also looking for a DVD to Nav module that will allow me to turn the NAV screen into a TV/DVD monitor and give me at least 1 or 2 Video Outs.

-Gonzo Greg

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