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yes another S8 gearbox thread! :)


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hi all... i been browsing this site for a while now (very interesting and helpful topics might i ad) but i decided to invest in a 1998 S8 that was goin cheap due to gear box issues so thought id take it on as project.

ok so the problem is... when driving at low speed (ie: around town ) when you start to eccelerate it kind of clunks when you drive... gear change is smooth and when moving off from a stop it drives smooth.. only when your doing an idle drive and accelerate does it clunk. I dont know much on auto box`s or S8`s for that matter but i been told that the pressure plate is shot and a full rebuild is a must costing 1500 euro upwards...I have also been told a good oil and filter change is whats causing the problem (some how i think it will take more than that to fix).

Apart from that it drives lovely.. motorway driving is fine and like i said gear changes are fine.. gear selecting (ie: d-r etc) is fine also...

any info on this or anyone that had similar problems and sharing would be fantastic :)


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