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Hi there I have an Audi A8 4.2 quattro


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Thanks, I guess this is the right place then. :)

I'm the second owner of this car and have had it 5 years. I'm selling as its my only car now and I need an estate. Its been well looked after and has a full service history and MOTS. Its on the long life service periods with the synth oil.

Its got the Upgraded HIFI/DVD stacker/TV/Satnav system and is electric everything; the only thing I can think of that it doesnt have is electric headlamp washers. Its the sport version so its got the switches for gearchange on the steering wheel.

Its got a removable towbar that I had fitted in Nottingham which I have only used half a dozen times for a trailer with a tractor mower on it. I moved so sold the mower !!!

Its got Tracker and discrete privacy blinds that fully retract. I bought it off Audi in Cumbria and they had provided the car new. It had only done 56k then and as you can see I dont do a high mileage as its only done 76k now.

Its got a few minor scuffs on the alloys but they are in good condition. The tyres are aok except it needs a new spare due to being darted :(.

Its got tax until September and MOT until October. Its registered late 2000.

I am in Bexhill on Sea.

If you are interested I have loads of photos on the internet for you to look at. When I get time I will post internal pics too. Picasa Web Albums - 10288831506718648... - audi a8

It has one gouge in the nearside rear wing which was done in a car park; its about an inch long photo shows it in detail. I'm looking for £4,000 for it. This is a realistic price as one went on ebay last week that was 6 months older, 5 owners and 60k more miles.

hope your interested :) If you have a big estate (Rover 75, Volvo etc) perhaps we could swap but I want a lower valued car next. Also the car's image attracts idiots round here as its now not garaged and I dont want it damaged.

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