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Toyota test driver killed in LF-A crash near Nurburgring


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Sad News: Toyota's chief test driver dies in LFA crash near Nürburgring | SkiddMark

The guy had a hand in the development of some of Toyota's best cars, including the Mk1 and Mk3 MR2, Supra, Celica, Hachirokku etc etc.



RIP :(

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Well the LFA will never be sold anyway... all of them are going to be leased out from what i understand.

With regards to the Celica replacement... im not overly confident about it and never have been since Toyota went soft over the last 10 years or so.

No decent replacement for the MR2 Turbo/Celica GT4/Supra, all Turbo'd cars granted but they never even attempted to get any replacements for them.

Heck.. even the MRS (roadster) ended up with the 140bhp engine as opposed to the 190bhp they have in the Celica.

Anyway.. i digress... this is a sad time but i hope that he went out doing what he obviously loved. Driving a car on the cutting edge of technology.

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