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Off to Sharm diving in a couple of weeks - (yes, it'll be very hot i know!)

its been a while since i shoehorned myself into my suit and i guess middle aged spread has set in, so i need to upsize....

Dont need a steamer - and prefer a convertible given the sea temps of 28 degrees

I know we have a few divers on here - any preferences? dont want to spend a fortune either.



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I use snugg nowadays.. I have them made for me, which isn't as expensive as you think. Snugg Wetsuits

By having them made to fit you can reduce the mm and use a more flexible neoprene. It means more comfort and no rub. Oh, and i tend to go for the front/overhead entry system rather than the rear zip now. Snugg call them mini-zip. If you do get to speak to Malcolm (who owns snugg) he is superb.. he will make a suit to your complete specification!

There are some other off the shelf stuff which is good.. ripcurl do a bomb suit which is very good.

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I always use a 3mm semi (full) if i dive below 40m, anything less i use a 3mm shorty. This time of year expect the water to be about 24c at 25m and 18c at 30m plus.

Forget taking a towel on the boat as within minutes your dry. I spoke to my mate who is in Nama bay, and he said its un-bearable at the moment, 45 plus.

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