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New To The Forum With My New 2010 B8 A4 Avant S-Line


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Welcome. I have the same but in 2.0T quattro guise.

I like the wheels but couldn't live with the cleaning of them so I went for the 19's.

I hope you find Tyresmoke useful +++

p.s. Also interested to hear of your Abt work. :)

Hi thanks for the comments.

Their not too bad to be honest they came waxed by the garrage and dirts doesn't seem to stick.

O and they are also 19's +++

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Nice car, May it stay SO CLEAN!! My local dealer has lots of ABT modified cars with 20 inch wheels (MAX MORITZ.DE).

And I have to say you have got away with the cosmetic makeover, look on the Website!!??!! The bodykits are questionable? Especially on an SLine. Hopefully your suspension or engine has been fettled!


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What colour is your car? Looks like Monza to me which I very nearly went with. You just get a faint bluey hue to it.

Your spot on with the Monza Silver, I spend over an hour at the Dealers yard looking at different models in all the colours of the rainbow and in the end I said hell what colour is the car we drove over in ? I'll go for that.

I was pleasantly surprised on collection day when he pulled back the cover to reveal the end product. It gets so many looks I'm a little put back to say the least.

I can't rate the car highly enough its so different from my old B7 A4 it makes the old one seem totally dated.

The biggest surprise what how Audi fixed the ride on the S-Line but I suppose that might be more to do with the ABT handling upgrade.

Anyway that's enough bigging up the car. It's great I love it !!!!!

Thanks to all for the nice comments.

Keep it safe.


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The handlind is massively better on the B8. I went from a B6 S4 with the 4.2 V8 hanging out the front of the car to the B8 with a 2.0T so perhaps that showed up the difference more than a straight swap. I ran a 2009 car for 6 months on the Sports suspension but when that got swapped out for the MY2010 I added the dynamic suspension which is just superb.

This pic is why I was so close in going for Monza. In the end I gave in to the wife's desire not to have a silver car.


So what did Abt do? What are the changes?

Is it just the suspension package or is it remapped etc?


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