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A4 B7 Quattro Tyre Issue


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Hi Guys,

Just a quickie. Just completed a 500 Mile blast down to the south of france with no problems and after a short journey have picked up a nail in one of my rear tyres. My rears have around 2k on them and look otherwise fine.

In-case "le tyre man" (yes this his name) cant repair it, will i be safe just replacing the punctured one? I know i should replace them in pairs, but given the mileage on the other good one, will i be safe or will i be causing bad diff damange.

Any thoughts would be great, as the chap is coming over tomorrow morning to check it out.


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You should be fine after only 2k miles especially on the rears. Get him to check the tread depth though. If its 6mm+ then you will be ok. Just make sure any new tyre is the same as the one on other side of the same axle and has the same load rating and reinforced (XL) status or not. Same size too! Enjoy your hols.

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