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cruise and dis urgent question


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sorry for creating a new thread but i didnt want to get bogged down in the other massive thread on this situation. ok now im about to retrofit cruise and dis and have got all the parts needed except one which im totally confused about and that is a wire listed on the ross-tech web site which says

Installation & Wiring

In general the whole retrofit is just plug and play except that one wire needs to be added.

  • Wire T16a/5 from steering column control module to engine control module (see wiring diagram specific your particular car/engine).
  • Install cruise control capable lever (see parts catalog/repair manual).

can anyone give an axplanation of this required wire highlighted in red? is it the 90cm wire briefly mentioned in the long and very helpful thread? will it be there or do i need it? my car is a 2001 2.5tdi qs180, thanks in advance for any info as im ready to do the changes but on hold till i sort this out, also the vag-com coding will be done by a friend but he lives 30 miles from me, can i fit it and drive to him? i know there will be a few lights on, will it be ok or should i fit it at his. Just wanted to keep hastle for him to a minimum thats all.;)

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