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I'm looking to replace my aging Panasonic all in one DVD home Cinema with something newer.

I need connectivity for my Humax (PVR 9200) & PS3 (both via optical) & am a bit baffled by the choices.

I've looked at the Yamaha amps & speakers but to be honest I'm struggling to see the wood for the trees.

Can anyone offer any suggestion on what I should be looking at?

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Not sure if the rules stop me from linking another forum, so if they do - feel free to delete this post!

I used AVForums.com Home - AVForums Home Cinema Hub not so long ago. Alot of help, with fast responses, and plenty of people who seemed to know what they're talking about (Take a look at some of the custom home cinemas people have built, they're absolutely stunning).

The impression I got though, was that the packages you can buy (Amps and Speakers), are not worth the price.

Check out Richer Sounds - The UK's Hi-Fi, Home Cinema & Flat Panel TV Specialists! too. Always seem to have alot of deals going on.

I'm not really qualified to make suggestions, so my appologies for not giving any!

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You can spend a fortune, the list is endless so a budget would be sensible.

I did a fair bit of reading up on the AV forums/ Whathifi reviews and put together a system that suited my requirements for about £1000 including cables etc.

That included a Bluray Player, AV Receiver, and 5.1 Speaker System.

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This anygood?

Onkyo HTS3305 Black | 5.1 Package System with HDMI inc. Speakers exc. DVD player | Richer Sounds

If its £300 for the Amp alone I would recommend the Marantz NR1501 from Richersounds too but you`ll have to hurry as these were very competitively priced. Its priced at £289.

I found it from a independant for £279 but they had been told off by Marantz and then had to hike up the price to £379 as another dealer complained about the price they were selling it at.

Its also 7.1 too and produces far better stereo and surround sound compared to the amps within the same range. For example the Yamaha 765 and Denon AVR1910 :)

Riz +++

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