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I'm hoping to spend some much needed time on my car this Friday :-)

I don't have much swirling so I will be using SRP followed by EGP and then one of the Dodo waxes.

What I would like to know is whether it is right to do all the above on the same day and if so, do I need to wait in between stages?

I've heard rumours, possibly on this message board, that EGP should be left for 4-24 hours before topping with a wax?

One other question if I may - My Audi has black exhausts that are now covered in carbon deposits. What should I use to get them clean again?


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What DoDo Juice are you applying? EGP is a good sealant and will last 4 months no problems, its also pretty tough so it will do pretty well against tough weather, i cant even remeber what thats like!....

My only concern about using waxes with EGP is that they all tend to look the same afterwards! SRP and EGP give a very bright reflective combo, i always used to put Nattys paste wax over it to make it look wetter. But it never did get away from bright and reflective. So if you have a DoDo aimed at making it warm or deep then i dont think you will get those results.

EGP comes in a very thin liquid, it uses a solvent as its carrier. Topping EGP too quickly can cause hazing where the solvents do not escape (thought most of this happens when it flashes ie:turns white). Personally i would do SRP + EGP then wait til next week or the next day and slap on a coat of desired DoDo juice.

At minimum, after buffing off EGP i would wait and hour before topping.

Afer you have cleaned the exhausts, and depending how bad they are, steel wool of a low grade may be requires. Apply SRP and EGP to keep further exhaust deposits at wipe away levels of ease.

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I remember applying SRP, then EGP, then Collinite 845 wax to my father's car a couple of years ago and saw 8-9 months durability (@ 7000+ miles) from that. The car was left a week in the garage before applying the 845 as they were on holiday.

In contrast, I have also applied wax on top of EGP after just a couple of hours without any apparent detrimental effect.

All depends how much time you can allocate / dedicate. I can usually put a day aside now and then but find myself getting into trouble with Mrs TT if I try to waive microfibre cloths on a second day for a 2nd coat :)

I would be tempted to just apply a couple of layers of wax after the SRP but if you have EGP then I suppose it should only assist with better durability.

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Thanks for the advice guys...

I've got the Dodo Juice Rain forest Rub and the Diamond White. I also notice I had some AutoGlym HD Wax... I've used the Rainforest Rub and really liked that - never used the other two - anyone have any thoughts?

Chances are I will apply the SRP, EGP and Wax in one go but will wait a couple of hours between EGP and wax coat.

Other than Autosol, any other recommendations for helping getting my exhaust clean - I know a fair bit of elbow grease and possibly iron wool will be required, just wanted to know if there was something that could help dissolve/losen the deposits?

Thanks again

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I would use your HD wax. I think you would probably achieve the same look but possibly better durability. In fact, I would just use SRP and then apply a couple of layers of the HD wax, skpping the EGP. I reckon that would give you a wetter look and decent durability.

I'm not sure what to suggest with regard to your exhausts. My concern is removing the black paint by using anything abrasive. I would probably use Autosol but go easy. I guess you could always buy a tinny of heat / exhaust paint from Halfords if you rubbed through the black paint.

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