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[Audi A3/S3] (Milltek Exhaust A3 1.8T)


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Hello fellow petrol heads, my Milltek cat-back for my A3 1.8 T is arriving 2mo. I was just wondering how loud the non resonated exhaust is? as thats what i have ordered. Is it loud on tick over? will i notice any difference or power increase once fitted? and does it sound sweeet?

I hope it doesnt sound to loud and attract attention. I do know you can buy resonated exhausts but i noticed alot of people buying the non resonated ones so thats what i brought.

Is the forge intake (TIP) worth the money? or will the other cheaper silicone intake pipes on the market do the same job? And does anyone know other than the Milltek high flow sports which other de-cats or sports cats i can fir to my Milltek cat-back.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Thank You


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Non-res isn't too loud, but it's definitely louder than stock.

The Forge TIP is only worth getting on a remapped car running a K04 turbo (as on the S3 and TT225) - the standard rubber one is fine - don't waste your money on a silicon one.

If you're going for cats, fit the Milltek ones.

Finally, to get the most from your Milltek, get the car remapped, as the remap will take advantage of the increased breathing the exhaust gives you.

Talk to Ben at Shark Performance he's a member on here (Shark_90), but you can't PM him until you've got more posts.



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Ok cheers for the reply mate. My car is already remaped dude, to get the best from it the Milltek do i need another map to suit? or will it be fine? I have a stage one map at the moment so do you reccommend i get a stage 2 map? or is that only if i have the turbo back exhaust and a turbo upgrade? My car should be pushing very close to the 200BHP mark but for some reason it doesnt feel like it is, and it also seems like it struggles to pull sometimes, it doesnt feel as quick as it did when i first remaped it. I have air cold air intake at the momnet but i wondered if a panal filtel was better? and what safe PSI is the standard K03 turbos good for? and is 15 PSI on a remap car a little low. Sorry for all the questions but i am new to this site and have wanted to know these things for a while, so any help or advice would be very muched appreciated.

Cheers MOOK for your original reply.................

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