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What Phone to work with the A6?


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Hi All,

Just taken delivery of an A6 Le Mans 3.0TDI quattro last week and have a few questions on the phone side of things.

I currently have an iphone 3G, which is ok, but in my old B8 A4 used to drop the blutooth connection after about 45 mins which was 'annoying'.

Also in blutooth mode, the battery drains very quickly.

Now the A6 came with low prep phone package, i.e. Bluetooth and cradle prep in the arm rest.

I have only driven about 150 miles this week, and so far the blutooth has stayed connected fine, but batttery is going to be an issue.

I can, for no charge, go to a blackberry instead - which I am tempted to do as not 100% sure about iphone 'phone ability' and get numerous complaints about people not able to hear me.

So, firstly is there an iphone craddle available which charges? or is it easier to go to a blackberry craddle (again is there such a thing) that also charges?



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I have tested the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 on both the MMI versions without any issues. Phonebook + calls work fine.

What I use is a cradle from Brodit.

It's a two piece kit -one part goes into your dash/vent/wherever you want and the other part is your actual phone cradle.

Beauty is if you change phone, you just change the front cradle and hook it up with the already fitted dash/vent/whatever kit.

Mines got the charger connected with it so I just slide the phone into the bracket and it charges.

Only downside is that with a skin, it won't go in however they do a adjustable iPhone holder specially made for skins

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I've just purchased an 07 A6 TDI SE 2.0 diesel. So far quite pleased.

However, i wish to connect up a fully interfaced telephone system to this car. Dont want a parrot would like to use the existing audi system. As Audi do not do an aftersales service for this, what is best option. I'm currently being quoted really silly money ov over a grand. Surely that cant be right. Would appreciate some advice

cheers Bigred :confused:

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