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MS Outlook export to Novell Groupwise


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As a result of us being 'acquired' we're being moved to a new organisation, with the IT kit we used being re-imaged over this weekend, and the network access, switches and routers etc. are all being upgraded and reconfigured this weekend. Basically we will have NO access to any old data post tomorrow (Friday at 3pm):ffs:

We currently use outlook and the new organisation is using Novell Groupwise.:confused:

Helpfully the new IT department have told us they don't have the capacity :coffee: to transfer all user's old emails/calendars etc. instead we have to print diaries and re-enter appointments; and "forward the important emails we want to keep" to our new email address!:(

I have so much history of conversations and emails that I can't afford to not have access to, so I was wondering how I could retain it without the help of the IT team!:ffs:

Therefore I have archived all my outlook data into a PST file and was wondering if there is someway I can convert this into a file for importing into groupwise when I get to the other organisation?:confused:

As I work for a security conscious organisation there is no way of installing any applications on the machines, however with my encrypted memory stick I am able to transfer data.:(

My thoughts were as follows...

1) Create a PST file and save on my stick (i have archived all my emails and calendar)

2) Find some way of converting the PST file to a format Groupwise will read at home.

3) Take the new file on my memory stick (assuming it works!) to my new PC on Monday

4) Import it into Groupwise some how.

So i have done #1 but any ideas about how to do #2 and #4:cool:

Much appreciated +++

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Ooo, so many possible answers to this one.

Novell produce a Groupwise Connector to allow PC clients to use Outlook on their desktop with Groupwise in the background - because importing Outlook data directly into Groupwise is a no-no without the assistance of the IT people responsible for the migration.


Many years ago I was in charge of migrating 400 Groupwise users to an Exchange network (so the opposite way, but learned a lot in the process).

The biggest issue you have and why you'll not get a definitive answer is that we don't know the version number of Groupwise. If it is 6.0 with Service Pack 2 then you will find there is a free utility to do the job for you. Only 6.0 though. I bet you're running 7.0 or 8.0. I'd bank on it.

The 6.0 Outlook utility can be downloaded FOC from here.


If it's not, you're going to need the IT people involved and the Groupwise Archived Data Utility for Exchange (presuming you're on an Exchange Server network at present). That is a pain in the rear to use and they probably don't even want to tell you it exists because of that - hence telling you to type it all in again.

In summary, you would be much better off starting afresh. Data corruption or a transfer rate of 50% success is guaranteed - on a good day.

Oh, and tell them they're idiots for choosing Groupwise. Purely personal opinion of course.

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