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Pirelli Cinturato P7


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Hi All,

Just thought I'd post a quick review of these tyres as I haven't seen them mentioned before.

These were fitted from the factory to my B8 S4, never heard of them (the tyre not Pirelli)!

Have to say I'm very impressed, just gone through 17,500 miles and they are like new. When it went in for its first service at just over 15,000 the report came back with 6mm on the back and 5 on the front.

Wear, noise, road holding all top notch and given the wear rate I can see them lasting until at least 30K. Not had wear that good since Michelin Pilots on a Company Vectra years ago.

They do 3 versions P4, P6 & P7 - P7 being the performance variant linky.

Pirelli tout them as an EcoTyre and put logos of a leaf etc. on the tyre to show just how friendly they are to your local forest. So if you can get over the marketing bull I highly recommend them.

Event Tyres are currently doing 245/40/18 (My Size) for £160.97 with £20 off for 4. Given my experience if you can get 30K out of them, that's nearly a bargain!

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The P7 has been doing very well this year in the group tests:

1st place in the European tyre test: 2010 European Summer Tyre Test - tyre reviews, the online tyre guide

3rd place in the AMS group test: 2010 AMS Premium Brand Tyre Test - tyre reviews, the online tyre guide

I believe it's Pirelli's newest released tyre, hence it's pushing the limits of current technology. Nice to know it's got a good blend of "Eco" and performance, someone had to get it right eventually!

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