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Mk6 gti


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I am looking to order a new GTI later this year, really struggling on colour choice this time around !

i do not really want to go for the white again as nice as it is i really fancy a change. The narrowed down choices are Pearl black, solid black ( what does it really look like in the flesh) and shadow blue.

Does anybody on here own any of these colours? would they make the same choice again ?

any pics and comments would be appreciated

ps what sort of discount have people been getting, i have been offered 4.5%, i was really looking to acheive 6% and order before the end of december to avoid the vat rise?

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Heres some shadow blue photos i posted a while back.

Anyone got Shadow Blue with their Mk 6 GTI?

Heres some photos of my shadow blue mk6 GTI. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures below.

A couple of photos of my mk6.

Its not a common colour on the mk6 GTI and a total barstuard to try and show what it really looks like in a photo. That american one i posted (first link, 2nd page.) is the best representation of it imo.

would they make the same choice again ?

Yes white/black/red is so common and the choice everyone else has, i wanted to be slightly different and love the colour.

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some great pics there snoopy, alas i think i need to see one in the flesh before i can decide.

and as you say it is quite a rare colour, suprising really considering there is quite a few mk5s in shadow blue.

i am suprised however at the limited choice of wheels, i do like the monza 2s but again fancy a different look....

the wheels on the adidas special look good.

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Quick Update, got prices from 8 dealers ( radius of 40 miles from home )

1. Nothing this year sir

2. You will have to come and see us first !

3. 3.5 %

4 4.5 %

5 6% ( 2 off )

6. 6.5 %

7. 7 %

all 3 to 4 months wait

Trying to squeeze the 7% deal but probably going to place the order today or tomorrow.

Red DSG 3 door RCD510 + Camera ( for wifey ! ) Lux pack, monza shadows.

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i did the deal today managed to squeeze the deal to 8%, i was given some story about the computer system changing ( dos to windows ?) and wouldnt be able to order until the end of the month after today due to the change over.

i wasnt too worried about any pressure to sign today as the 8% discount off the OTR price is an exceptional deal...........

just a 12 to 16 week wait now !

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