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Matt white or matt black?


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The choice of colour for your special edition £63K C63 AMG....

Mercedes has launched a 513bhp, 480lb ft special edition version of the C63 AMG.

Only 20 examples of the new Mercedes C63 DR520 will be produced, and they will only be available through Mercedes-Benz World at a cost of £62,430 for the saloon and £63,680 for the estate. That's just over £10,000 more than the standard C63 models.

The DR520 - named for its dyno-rated power output - is the first car produced by MB World’s Specialist Products division, using parts developed at the Brookland’s-based facility as well as Brabus-developed parts.

AMG’s performance pack is fitted as standard and the engine gets upgrades in the form of forged pistons, revised crankshaft and new connecting rods.

The result is a 0-62mph time of 4.1seconds for the saloon (4.2 for the estate) – an improvement of 0.4sec. The DR250 is available only in either matt black or matt white.




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