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A8 Won't Start


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Was wondering if anyone would have any ideas what's possibly going on with my A8?.

The battery that was in my car is about a year old now, and for the last few mths the battery monitor on the car has always shown the battery to be losing charge etc. Now fast forward to yesterday and my car lost all power totally, I proceeded to try and jump the car to no avail. I then charged my old battery up and connected that - I have power to all for a short time but never anything on the main dashboard computer.

The steering wheel doesn't disengage or engage the steering lock ( it's presently locked )

I then recharged the 1 year old battery and connected that and the same issue arrises.

Called the RAC and that bloke was useless he tested all the fuses and they appeared to be fine, a DT ( dedicated technician ) apparently somekind of offshoot of RAC who specialize in Audi's

is comming out tomorrow to look at the car to see if he can see what maybe causing the dash not to appear at all.

If I look at the car battery monitor it appears to show the battery @ less than 10% charge on a full battery.

The new battery is a Varta 610A Silver battery, the old one was a black one pumping out less ampage I think.

as stated tho the car was ok with the new battery for at least 6mths.

any advice would be appreciated as I want to avoid taking this to audi as it will cost a bomb with them rip off gits.

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It's going to tetbury audi tomorrow as bristol audi couldn't look at until 10 days time. Vw assistance bloke said it could be the dash module? He had to take the rear parking brake motors off as we can't get the parking brake to release without the ignition working. It's going on a low loader tomorrow to go to tetbury.

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carpets are all dry mate, ive heard there is several ECU's etc under the drivers side carpet ( passenger aswell? ) seems totally bonkers doing such a thing.

lovely cars etc, but I think some of the basics of design went out of the window.

there should be a manual way of releasing the parking brake if you have no power or issues like what im having.

To have to take off the rear parking brake motors to do this is daft, and no doubt I will get charged an hours labour to get these put back on, when I wouldnt have to if they had a back up.

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Personally if I was you I would give Ben at AVP a call, and ask his advice.....He is based in Burton on Trent which is a distance from yourself....but he is a really good audi specialist...and I m sure he ll be able to solve your problem quicker than anyone else....good luck

His number is 01283548483

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