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Chav performance to release the AAW tuning system


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Take control of your speed with Chav performance adjustable ankle weight technology!

Simply strap this ingenious device around the ankle of your right leg (RHD version) and you could benefit from an instant 10-25% performance increase!

Manufactured from 100% recycled mud flap, the AAW will help you accelerate harder and faster at any time.

Also includes free booklet teaching you how to get from A to B in less time.

Never lose time at blind corners or traffic-lights again!

239.95+ p&p but special introductory price of 199.95+ p&p for TSN members!

Please note:

Chav performance no longer be distributing the APBB pack (accelerator pedal breezeblock) , and we will be refunding in full all orders placed for these (minus a small adminstration charge).

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Hi Shark, yes the wonderful thing about AAW technology is that it can be used with other performance enhancing technologies.

We've tested with tuning boxes and had no problems yet except for a few fatalities due to people not reading our leaflet properly.

It clearly states only go through red lights when no-one is watching and no-one is coming from another entry to the junction :rolleyes:

Would you like to purchase some to sell to your customers as an extra value-add?

Can do you very good price in exchange for 3 russian girls.

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I've been a happy Chav Tuning customer for many years - to give you an idea, my first purchase was your excellent, if now sadly obsolete, FDFR[1] tuning module - and I have to say that this sounds very exciting. You guys are tops; ever since I followed your suggestion and replaced the standard exhaust on my Nova with a 24"-bore stainless steel pedal bin, people have really started paying attention!

Yeah, they might throw bricks through my windscreen at traffic lights and shout obscenities, but they're clearly just jealous. Long may you reign, Chav Tuning.

[1] Fluffy Dice, Front and Rear

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