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Sporty hybrid


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From News Stiggy, I would like to get TD...........errrr Review Stig onto the case. To let us know if it really is 'sporty'.


How something with 2 tonne* of batteries and a 1.6?? engine can be sporty, I'll never know! :roflmao:

sorry Geoff. :o

* - yeah yeah, slight exaggeration..

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Well it could work, but not with 1.8 Atkinson Cycle engine. Its more like driving a train, not that it isnt quick nor that it doesnt have on the go pick up. Its more like swoosh then a crack which is not the "sporty" style.

On the other hand 400+NM of torque and a 180HP total resource power im sure it could work in some ways. Probably popular in the USA where cruiser and a sporty are often interchangeable.

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