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Help me buy a 4.2 D2 please


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I've looked at a 2002 (02) 4.2 D2 recently, but I have a few questions I thought you guys might be able to help with:

1. Is a detachable towbar an easy retro-fit? It's only for a trailer to garden rubbish to the dump, but I'd be lost witout it.

2. The calipers on all 4 wheels looked pretty naff. They seemed to be untreated steel and fairly pitted. On my 2002 (52) 2.8 they're coated with an Audi 4 rings logo. So waht's the score on the 4.2? If this is normal, does anyone have experience of replacing the calipers with somethong that looks better. And is it expensive?

3. The exhaust also looks non-standard (and very quiet!). What's the current wisdom on a good replacement? And what should I expect to pay for that?

Any help would be most welcome - thanks

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Sorry, not much help with your questions but have you thought of going for an S8 instead? There is an 02 final edition with only 44k miles on it I know for sale for £9k but you could offer £8.5? Think its in Ming blue pearl. Just had four brand new tyres too. I can put you in touch if interested.

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