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A8 D3 Newbie here 4.0TDI Quattro Just Purchsed

Ian Donkin

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Hi Folks - I've been lurking here for a while whilst deciding whether to take the plunge and yesterday I took delivery of a 2-owner FVAGSH (is that how you guys describe it) '54 plate 4.0TDI Quattro with 74,000 miles on the clock.

The ride's not as good as my previous E39 BMW and I knew that before I bought it however the V8 diesel engine with all that torque has put quite a smile on my face already.

Mine's got an odd mix of toys - comfort / memory seats (but not heated), nice interior lighting, the handset based phone, Sat/Nav and TV, advanced key, bi-xenons and the PAX system (is that a good thing?), but I'm surprised it doesn't have things like configurable convenience lighting for when you lock the car (we also have a V6 TDI Touareg with this sort of stuff)...

It looks from reading there is lots I can do; MMI software upgrade and later Nav disc are on my list for starters - what is the art of the possible in terms of adding the missing toys / enabling hidden goodies without breaking the bank given the relative bargain price I've paid for what I hope is going to prove a classy top level exec saloon?

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The possibillities are huge, as can be the price :)

You could add:

- Power boot open and close

- Swap the phone to Bluetooth

- Add the AMI System

- Swap to Digital TV/DAB

- Upgrade MMI software (easy and cheap usually)

- Retfrofit Adaptive Cruise

- Latest LED lights

All are at least a couple of hundred quid each :) OR you could go completely crazy and upgrade the whole thing to 3G MMI (look for craigyb's post).

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Thanks PsYcHe - a really helpful list (in a spending money kind of way)...

Has anybody retrofitted automatic lights - this is one thing I'm really surprised it hasn't got, yet it has bi-xenons!



p.s. and the ride quality is much improved now the front tyres aren't inflated 48 (n/s) 59 (o/s) psi anymore - what was the PO thinking?

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how is easy is it to do the adaptive cruise? Take it obviously a radar has to be fitted etc?

would love to do things with mine, but know it will cock up - shame no one lives down south? would bung em somethin to do some cool retro stuff to mine like powerfolding mirrors etc.

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Mine has auto lights. Not sure how easy it would be to fit, it would depend on the windscreen setup you have, not sure if they all have the same sensor setup at the top that you could fit it into.

Though TBH, I never used the auto lights on all the cars I had with them apart from the wife's current XC90 and that's only because the dipped headlights come on with the ignition.

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