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Audi S5 Coupe in "Porsche Lime Green" + Tuscan Brown leather


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We took one one those to goodwood, (not in that colour of course!).. and it drove very well.

The V8 was a little bit sticky at low revs but one it got going it has some fire-power and it really defied it's speed... it could easily be a license looser! The ride is impressive too.. none of the harshness of audi's gone by.

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That pic has done the rounds on the A5 forums.

On the a5oc.com board there are a lot of Yanks and they LOVE their tuscan brown interiors.....

Each to their own I suppose!

I don't mind the exterior colour, but you would need big pockets to go for it as come resale time, you would get a right kick in the balls!!:grin:

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