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GTi airflow questions


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Hi all

I have the following issue, which my delaer and VW South Africa have indicated to be "by design". Was wondering whether this indeed was fact or fiction? :confused:

What is happening is that the natural airflow coming via the vents seems to be coming through at the temperature at which the aircon was set at on last use.

Meaning, say I run the aircon at 29 deg, arrive at my destination switching the car off without switching the aircon off. The next time I drive the car, the air coming thru will be warm, until I switch the aircon on, adjust the temperature to cool and switch off again.

What I have been told is that should you switch the ignition off before switching the aircon off, the temperature flaps remain in their last setting. Also, next time you the car these temperature flaps still remain in the same place?

I need some clarification whether this is normal or a possible issue?


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