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VW Specialist in the South East


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My car is now over 4 years old and is due a cambelt change. The official dealer/service centre (Alan Day City) did the last service and then when I picked it up told me that the cambelt needed changing, which was a bit annoying as it obviously could have been done at the same time.

Anyway, given the car is out of warranty (it is an import from Denmark, where I used to live, so they wouldn't honour anything outside of the warranty period and gave no grace period when needed), then I see no sense in using the dealer network anymore when I will in all likelihood get a better service from a specialist.

So, is there a recommended specialist or two in the London/South East area that the Tyresmokers recommend?

Bear in mind I now travel to Bicester from London for my Elise work, so am prepared to travel for decent work.



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