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Need new pads


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Have not bough any new buffer pads for my PC for ages so time to invest again, what the latest reccomendations from those in the now?

I have had sonus in past with couple of megs.

Car has suffered some cosmetic scratch wounds over the last year so needs a good seeing to to get it back to its old glory. Paint work is still in good knick but as i said just needs a little loving.

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As your using the PC i would suggest looking at some pads from the Lake Country range. Esp. the flat, 5.5inches ones. You will get quicker results as they are a small surface and thus less resistance from the PC so you can cut quicker.

I dont rate the CSS type to highly though the CSS hand applicators are pretty decent.

The Meguiars beige/tan/yellow "polishing" pad is a good durable pad and you can use it with a lot of different grade polishes. IMO, no machine detailing kit should be with out one.

Which ever brand you choose i would look to include some kind of "polishing pad" and a "cutting pad". If you want to apply by LSP or zero cut and clean products by machine then finishing pad is your friend.

Various brands offer "finessing" and "light cut" and various other things. They are great but only once you know what you will use them for. I dont consider them to be essential. Possibily investing in 2x 2 good pads is better then buying 4 or 4 of which only 2 you will end up using!


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I have experience of Sonus, Menzerna and Megs. For correction work I particularly like the Menz pads as they small (not too much load on the DA polisher) and being a bit firmer, seem to break down the abrasives quicker. I have only used them on VAG paint though.Sonus spot pads are a must for intricate areas.Although I favour Menzerna pads, they don't last long. I've had a couple break up and one actually exploded with a bang! - foam everywhere!! I think I had compromised the 'shell' of the pad by damaging the edge on a tailgate logo badge a few minutes prior.

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