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Headlight washer problems Passat -99


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What does the washer relay use the speed signal for?

Trying to sort out why my headlight washers are not working.

Disconected the headlight washer motor, started the engine and turned on the headlights. No sound from the headlight washer pump.

I disconected the headlight washer pump and hooked the voltmeter.

A very short reading was optained between 10 and 12V before it went back to "0" Is this normal?

I wonder if this means that the washer pump needs replacement or that there may be a fault before or after the pump.

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Took out the washermotor and tested it directly to the battery. It gave a spark, but did not run. I suspect the mecanics inside where broken due to frost or wear, so a new pump did the trick. I thought I had to get to wheel in order to get at the pump, but manged to do it from the top.

I still want to know what the speed signal does in the washer relay.

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