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Tidied up the new car:


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The new car arrived last week so decided to give it some gloss & protection for winter.

It's many years since I owned a white car but I never really found them any harder to maintain / keep clean than any other colour really.

Considering it was new, the paint didn't really seem to shine. Even in the sun, it looked a bit like my Bosch fridge freezer. There were a few very light swirls but nothing to worry about too much.

Time was my enemy so skipped the clay bar session this time and went straight to paint cleaner/glaze and then topped off with wax.

4 hours work in all and this was the process:

  • Wash & dry
  • applied Poorboys Diamond White glaze via the dual action polisher.
  • Applied 2 coats of Collinite 845 wax an hour apart
  • Applied some Swissvax Pneu tyre dressing and the job was a good-un

Here are some pics below. Not the best - the camera struggled with contrast a little, especially as it was gone 3.30pm and light levels were dropping.








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Excellent TT! It looks great, and as MrME says the wheels are looking really good! Theres some nice reflections and gloss going on, the darkness of the windows sets of the white really nice. I just got back from a break and read your PM ;).

What pad did you use on the with the "White Diamond" glaze


Hi Geoff - I used a Sonus soft red pad. A 5" pad I think.

I liked the PB Diamond Glaze. For some reason it seemed more effective than PB Black Hole with hiding swirls etc and removal. White is more forgiving though!

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